Multiple Timeline states

Jul 24, 2023

A project I am working on has a home page that all slides return to after completing each section of the course. I have an entrance animation that adds eye appeal and focus when you first come to that Home page, after completing the entrance video. Problem is, we come back to the home page at least 10 times and so I'd like to have a time-line that runs the animation only the first time through. After that, the next 9+ times, I do not want animations. 

I don't believe there is an option for having multiple timelines but is there another way to do this? Maybe I could have a variable trigger the animation the first time and then no other time?

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Walt Hamilton

There may be more glamorous ways, but the very simplest way is probably to have two identical objects, one with the animation, and one without, both with an initial state of Hidden.


 "Change state of [Object with Animation] to Normal when timeline on this slide starts if variable [HomeVisited] = false else change state of  [Object without Animation] to Normal."

"Adjust variable [HomeVisited] set =  true when animation [opening animation on object] completed"


If you are talking about a slide transition, and not an animation on a single object, it's the same. Set the slide the way you want it, then duplicate it and remove the transition on the second. The first time, jump to the one with the transition, and every other time, jump to the one without.