Non IIS web server question

Feb 06, 2013

I'm trying to run to content on a non IIS web server.The server I have access to is either TomCat or Apach. Still trying to track down someone who can give me a definitive answer on that.

Is there a way I can get  storyline content to run on a non IIS web server?

I have a storyline course that I've created for a product for which my company is a reseller. The product is QlikView. It's a Business Intelligence application. It runs on it's own server. To help simplify our deployment of my training we thought we might try and place my content on the QlikView server our clients already have access. A major reason we are looking into doing this is that it's something we already have access to inside our clients infrastructure. It's a know entity.

The problem is that when we place my content on our test server the course does not function properly.

  • When using IE8 and the standard story.html file all I get is a blank page. The name of the course does appear in the tab.
  • When using IE8 and the story_html5.html file I get the following error.

Unsupported Browser

The HTML5 player does not currently support this web browser.

Click here to view this project using the standard Flash player.

When I click the link it takes me right back to the regular html file.

When testing in Chrome we get the content to play but no audio and play bar does not move. I'm also missing a graphic in the side bar.

Haven't tested in Firefox yet.

The QlikView server runs either TomCat or Apach.

Is there a way I can get storyline content to run on non IIS server.

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