Sep 02, 2013

Dear Proffesionals.

i have a problem with videos in Stroyline.

Ok the situation..

I import a mp4 or wmv to storyline,then i publish my project for LMS to desctop.

Everything running very well when i start the course.

But if i copy that folder on our IIS server the video will not shown,the rest works well.

If i copy only the video in the IIS Folder then the video works but not if i start the published course within the video.

If i convert all videos to swf then it works well but the quality is very bad after convert.

So why the videos working on desktop but not when i copy them to our server folder?We use this IIS Server because need for Plateau.

When i convert to swf i use different software.

One makes very bad quality but the flash works perfect in Storyline.

The othe software makes nice quality but in storyline the flash runs to fast.(only in storyline,on my desktop the flash works like the original very well.

So how i can have a good quality video on our IIS Server?

thanks for any help,



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