Normal view is off center - glitch?

I just started a new presentation, and the "work area" is off center. It's very odd. The white space is at the left top corner, and it looks like there is a shadow behind it. The shadow looks like it is where the white space should be. It looks even weirder when I try to edit it.

I opened up a previous module I was working on and now have the same issue with that one. I thought it was a "view" option but cant find anything that fixes it.

Example 1: Brand new presentation, in normal view. No objects have been added

 Example 2: Previously created CBT. When I click on the text box, the most of the white background dissapears and only shows the centered "shadow" and the text area. (No, It is not a white text box, the background just shrunk). You can see there are no other objects in this slide. 


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Teresa!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It looks like that link moved to:

If the problem remains, could you share a screenshot of your view? We'll figure out our next steps from there!