Not About Articulate, but the platform you use for eLearning Heroes

This is a little off topic, but I'm hopeful you might be able to offer some insight.  E-Learning Heroes is such a dynamite example of a well-tended community - textbook but much better! - that I often use it in internal presentations about what a vibrant support community can look like with the right support and platform.  You're my go-to example for doing things well :)

Would you mind sharing with me, if it's not proprietary and off limits, what platform / community tool you use for E-Learning Heroes?  

TIA for any assistance you can offer -


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Brian Gil

Hi Stacy,

It was designed and built in-house from the ground up by our very talented UX and web development teams. Also, as you noted it's only successful because of the dedicated team of Articulate community managers, moderators and support staff that populate it with great content and keep the dialogue moving. Glad to hear you like it!