Not answered/wrong answered quiz slides in course don´t work after successfully getting pass score

Sep 03, 2018

Hi everyone,

I have to adjust an old course, because users were complaining about getting stuck.

The course has chapters. The user needs to view every slide and answer 80% of the questions right to get the "passed" layer on the site map where the chapters are shown and can be indiviually viewed by clicking on them.

Now our quiz slides (which are used for the result slide = tracking by result slide) are inbetween these chapters, not always at the end but during the content slides.

I discovered, that as soon as I viewed all slides and get the 80% I can´t answer the last 20% of the quiz slides, I can´t click on any item (multiple choice, drag&drop) so I can´t get past these slides to view the other content slides after them.

So my question is: Are quiz slides "blocked" after the user gets the passing score, so the user can´t click on them? Is this the normal behavior?

Additionally sometimes when I change/update a course and publish it, the quiz slides are not clickable from the beginning BUT only in the published version (tested locally and in Ilias), when I test it in storyline preview it works.

I added a dummy, passing score 60% so you have to answer 2 of 3 correct. You can see the behavior here. We reset our quiz slides to initial state, thats what I did here too. If you use automatically decide you can see the answer the user made.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Susi,

I'm able to complete your course and get a 100%. 

So, I was able to answer the final question, which based on your description was what I thought I would see as the issue. 

I may be misunderstanding your description. Could you record a Peek of the behavior you see with this sample course so that I could take a closer look?

Susi B

Hi Leslie,

sorry I build it not exactly like the original, I forgot the custom buttons and updated the file in my post.

Here is a peek of what happens:

When you reach the passing score of 60% (answering 2 of 3 correct) when making the course for the first time and want to go back to a wrong answered question, you can´t select an answer. With our custom buttons the message is shown, that you have to answer the question but you´re not able to do anything. I think it´s because we use a result slide for tracking the quiz slides.

Our quiz slides (of one lesson containing several chapters) are during several chapters and this way our users can never get past a wrong/not answered quiz slide, when they want to review the chapters. It´s kind of a very complicated and complex structure my colleague build.

I just wanted to know, if this is the behavior of quiz slides which are tracked by a result slide. :) Then I have to build/track it differently so the user can still answer the questions they got wrong or didn´t get to answer, because they reached the passing score before.

Thanks for your help :)


Crystal Horn

Hi Susi!  Thanks for sharing your Peek!*

I don't see where the "reset results" trigger is happening once you reach the results slide.  To try the wrong questions again (or any questions), you'll have to fire a trigger to "reset results."  You can either add a "retry quiz" button on your results slide, or attach it to some other action in your course so learners can retake incorrect questions!

Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.

*You might have an extra space on the end of your Articulate Review link to the Peek video.  It didn't open for me when I tried to click it, but I noticed a space on the end that I could delete.

Susi B

Hi Crystal,

actually we don´t want to reset the results. Our course is pretty complex and the users can´t go to the quiz slides by themselfes. So in the worst case, they have to click through 20-30 slides to get there. And this for up to 6-8 chapters. (As I said it´s an old course, I think we would build this in another way now.)

We solved the problem by skipping the quiz slides once they reached the needed score percent when they review the course/chapters via a variable.

Thanks for your help anyway. :)


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