Not Happening: Trigger to play media/audio when all states are visited.

Sep 11, 2017

Objective: Learner must click all circles before continuing......[check]

1. Each time Learner clicks on a circle and have viewed content, he is returned back to base layer were that circle is now in "visited" state.....[check]

2. The Player Next button appears in normal state when all circles have been visited.....[check]


Here's what I am unable to accomplish:

When the Learner returns to base layer after all the circles are in visited state, I would like to add an audio prompting Learner to click next to continue.

a. The tedious, and probably less efficient way, would be to add a trigger to play audio/prompt when timeline reaches ______.

b. To test, I added a trigger to play audio/prompt If conditions (all btns are visited), but that didn't work.

You're probably thinking that the Learner should know to click Next if he see's that he has visited all circles AND the Next button is visible, right? After all, they are all adults :-) However, I don't want to assume the Learner knows...I want to guide him so there's no guessing.

For your convenience, I've included the SL2 file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Manacha!

I did not see an audio file for the Next button, so I created one.

I accomplished this task by pausing the timeline after your instruction of clicking all the items and then resuming (similar to the Next button) when all of the items had been visited.

Your file is attached, so just swap that Audio 1 file out with your own :)

Hope that helps.


Hi Leslie,

Thank you for reviewing my files and providing a solution.

Your solution is very similar to my point (a) above. The difference being you utilized the Pause/Resume function to trigger the audio....very nice!

When using the Pause/Resume function, I do not have to time how long it would take the Learner to view all content and return to the base layer.

By pausing/resuming base layer timeline, I can move the audio prompt to trigger seconds once the Learner return to base layer.....brilliant!

Thanks so much Leslie.


Yes, that would be idea Leslie.

However, as-is the audio is triggered at the same time all btns are visited when the Learner still have a video to view and/or content to read.

In case of the video layer, depending upon which circle is the last selected, the audio prompt will initiate at the same time the video will play because the video is set to play automatically.

Does that make sense?

I'm testing the theory now :-)

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