Not requiring slides - making some slides optional

Oct 31, 2013

We use Articulate Storyline and Articulate online for our internal training.

Since our training  is mandatory for all staff - we track progress regularly. 

I am running into an issue where  there are a couple of slides that are optional for the audience and they only need to view it, if they missed information in a video. 

I do not want to count these slides in the total count for tracking.  

Is there anyway to tell the system not to count these slides in the final count?

Thank you. 

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Jacinta Penn

I wonder if another option that would be more mandatory, would be to have a variable that adds one for every mandatory page viewed, then have a pick one question off the page with a trigger that makes each option change state to selected depending on the variable number? You could even have it on the page, with the buttons being Course Completed and All Slides Not Viewed (hidden or selected depending on variable), with a transparent box over the top so they can't click on it themselves.

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