Notes: Can't reduce spacing between bullets

Jan 14, 2021


I'm trying to reduce the space between bullet items in the Notes section of Articulate 360.  I attached an image of what I'm talking about.  I also attached the source file.  

I also looked at the message boards about this, but could not find a solution. 

The funny thing is that I can adjust it when I'm working in the software using the Paragraph tab so that it looks like the gap is smaller between bullets.  But when I preview or publish it, it goes back to the same spacing.  Maybe that's as narrow as it gets between bullets? 



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Amit!

Thank you for sharing both a screenshot and .story file! It sounds like you're running into a bug that we've logged: Bullet spacing in Notes section is increased during preview or when viewing the published output.

I've added this discussion to the bug report to notify you when we have released a fix. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention. I'll make sure to keep you updated in this discussion when I have news to share!