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Aug 09, 2012

I love Storyline.  It's fun to use, intuitive, and robust.  And if I can't figure it out, I just come to the Community and do some searching and have always found the answer.  This time, however, I'm not finding what I'm looking for and I'm worried that the folks at Articulate may have missed some important functionality with their development of this new tool.  So please, please prove me wrong and tell me what I'm missing.

I need closed captioning.  If I could have my wish list, here's what I'd want: 

I want to use the Notes panel for my closed captioning.  I want the user to be able to open or close the notes pane as needed.  I want to be able to print my notes panel to use as my narration script for use during my audio recording session. 

I saw that there was a partial work-around solution in the Community, but did Articulate really leave such important functionality out of Storyline?

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Peter Anderson

Thanks for the feedback, Julie We'd love it if you could share your thoughts directly with the development team if there are features you'd like to see included in future builds. You can do that here. And you mention a workaround you found in the forums, and I'm curious if this is the one you're referring to. Thanks again for the input!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Julie,

Steve Flowers has a really cool solution here for creating closed captions in Storyline.

Coincidentally, I was working with a team yesterday mocking up a demo of CC using his solution. I'm uploading it here for you or whoever may want to use it. One of the nice things is that Learners only need to click on the CC button one time. Check out how Steve (and therefore I) make use of the Master slide.

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