Notes won't appear in left sidebar - they show in Notes menu Preview

Mar 29, 2021

I have a series of independent modules (separate files) for a course developed in Articulate 360 that use a common template for the player and styles. My player template has the Menu activated and I want to include Notes in the left side bar.  I am using the Modern Player.  Here's the issue and steps I took:

1. Opened Player options.

2. Selected the checkbox for Notes so that these appear in the left sidebar.

3. When I look at the preview in the Player menus, I see the Menu and Notes as expected.

4. I previewed in Storyline and published the course to Articulate Review and Notes doesn't show in the Player. I also changed to the classic player and the Menu and Notes appear in Preview but Notes won't appear when slides are previewed or published.

5. I followed steps 1-4 in another module of the course (separate Storyline file, same template and identical starting player settings). I see the Menu and Notes in Preview on the Player window. I see the Notes in the course when I Preview and when I publish. It works totally fine.

6. I duplicated the module in Step 5 where Notes worked fine. I double-checked that Notes appeared when previewed and published, then imported the slides from the module where Notes didn't work. 

7. I tested previewing slides that were not imported and those that were imported and I published the whole module. The Notes now does not appear on any slides after the import. The slides that used to show the Notes prior to import, now don't show it.

Any thoughts on this? I'm required by my Regulatory department to have the audio script in the notes. I don't want to rebuild the entire module from scratch but I can't import the slides anywhere and have the Notes appear.

Thank you for your help!


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Lauren Connelly

Greetings Lisa!

I see that you've submitted a support case with our Support Engineers, and my teammate, Sheila, has stepped in to help! 

It looks like the fix was checking the Notes box in Slide Properties! The Notes section was not visible to all the slides because the Player features on some of the slides were set to "Custom for the selected slides," and "Notes" was not selected.

Sheila is still available in your support case if you have additional questions!