Number of attempts on question set

Feb 07, 2019


I have a client, there are 10 final questions after the course. They would like the user to be able to take the set of quizzes a maximum of 5 times. So on each attempt, each one of the 10 questions has 1 attempt but overall there are 5 attempts of the set of 10.

Can anyone assist on how to achieve this. That the user, if they fail the questions, have 5 attempts on the whole set of questions?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Leandra

you have a couple of conflicting triggers - so you should be adding 1.00 to attempts when the user clicks the Retry button, then you will hide the retry button when the timeline starts on the fail layer on condition that attempts > 5.  Are resetting attempts to zero when user clicks repeat course - is this because they get another 5 attempts if they go through the whole module again?

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