Number Variables = Jump to another slide

Jul 17, 2013

Here's what I want to do:  

Main page with three buttons.  When users click button A, they see a series of slides, when finished the click the next button and they return to the main page.  They do that three times until all three buttons are visited.  Once all three buttons are visited I'd like to either 1) show the next button which I have disable on the main page or 2) jump to another page where I will have the next button enabled.

I have a number variable with a 0 value.  When users click the next button on the last slide of a set they need to visit, the variable is adjusted by 1.00.  This happens on all three next buttons.  So on the main page I have a trigger to jump to a different slide when the variable is greater than or equal to 3.  Seems like it should work, but it doesn't.  Any thoughts on what the problem is? 

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Antony Snow

Hi J P,

You should be able to 'disable' the next button on the main page based on the 'visited' states of your buttons and without the need to use a number variable.

In the attached, I have updated the default 'next' button trigger to jump to a specific slide on condition that button 1, button 2 and button 3's state equals 'visited'.

Does this help?


Antony Snow

I don't think you can - the player controls are either on the slide or they're not :-(

As a workaround, you could remove the next button from the initial button choice/menu slide, add a duplicate slide with the A, B and C buttons in their 'visited' states and show the next button here. You can then add a trigger on the initial slide to jump to this 'dummy' slide when the timeline starts on condition that button 1, button 2 and button 3's state equals 'visited'.

Is this any closer?

Antony Snow

No worries J P - just remember to remove the dummy slide from your menu if you are showing it to your users

Ben Spurling said:

You could hide the default next/prev buttons and then place a hidden button on the slide that will become state: normal and visible once A, B, C have been clicked as a work around perhaps?

Great suggestion Ben. This would certainly work if you were to use custom buttons throughout, but in J P's scenario it would appear that the default prev and next buttons are used throughout the course, so the addition of a custom button will be inconsistantly placed as it will have to be on the slide rather than in the player?

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