Retry quiz and resetting states

Dec 02, 2015

I have a made slide with 12 buttons - I'll refer to this as "main menu".  

Button 1 takes users to a quiz question.  Once they answer the question, they return back to the main menu to choose another quiz button.  As each button is clicked, it changes from a Normal to Visited state so the users can see what they have not clicked on yet.

When they are finished, there is a Results button on the main menu slide that jumps them to the results slide/layer based on their answers.

When they fail the quiz, a Retry Quiz button is on that failure layer.

A trigger is added to jump them back to the main menu to begin clicking on question buttons again.

Here's the problem:  The state of the buttons are still "Visited" and I cannot figure out how to get them to change to Normal.

I have attempted to change the main menu's slide properties to "reset to initial state" or  "decide automatically" to no avail.  The "Initial state" resets the buttons to Normal each time they revolve back into the main menu screen to select another question.  "Decide automatically" leaves the buttons in a "Visited" state.

Any suggestions?


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Christina Davis-Luczak

The specific scene is 6.+.

One other item to add is that upon clicking the Results button on the main menu prior to completing any questions doesn't allow the user to answer any quiz questions upon clicking the Retry button.  So I might need assistance with a tip to work this problem out as well!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Christina -- Many thanks again for your patience, however, I seem to be having difficulties testing your file, so in the interest of getting you the assistance you need as quickly as possible, I am going to go ahead and submit a support ticket on your behalf. You will be hearing from one of our Support Engineers shortly via email. 

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