Numeric Entry Rounding to 2 Decimal Places

Oct 04, 2018

I am building a slide where I am asking students to convert a given Commission based wage to an estimated hourly wage.  I want the students then to enter the conversion into a numeric entry so that I can check their calculation.  I would like them to enter their answer in dollars and cents, so 2 decimal places.  The variable that I have created to calculate the answer displays in 2 decimal places, but the only way I can get the answer to be accepted as correct is to include all the decimal places without rounding.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  I have used numeric entries in the past and haven't seemed to have had this problem.  The calculations and numeric entry are located on layer 1 of the presentation attached below.  I feel like this should be an easy fix but can't seem to find the right option.

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