Numbering questions of Quiz in Storyline

May 01, 2013

Hello heroes,

I'm working on a quiz with questions from a question bank. I have created a variable so that when the timeline starts on a slide, "1" is added to the variable. There are 31 questions, so the learner will see "Question 1 of 31," "Question 2 of 31," etc. So far, so good.

My problem arises if the learner clicks to review or retry the quiz. The number keeps adding to the variable. I'm able to get the number to stop increasing using another variable, but then when the learner is retrying/reviewing the quiz, he/she sees "Question 31 of 31" at the top of each slide. Anyway to reset that varialble back to 0 when the learner clicks Retry or Review? I've tried a few things...nothing has stuck.

Thanks in advance.

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