Numeric answers always incorrect in an updated SL2 to 3

Mar 27, 2020

Hi, I'm working with a an assessment within a course originally built using storyline 2

when was open for modification converted to storyline 3

I changed some questions there were multiple answer questions , but when I republished the course the questions are required numeric input for the answer have been coming up incorrect regardless of the input values.

This is been pushed out to about 450 engineers as a requirement to complete in the next week as corrective action, my teams going to have a black eye if no one can pass the test

any advice would be welcome

thank you

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Jim  Bates

Attached is the assessment with 4 questions needing numeric answers

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Walt Hamilton


Did you attach the right story? This one only has three questions with numeric answers. It doesn't matter what I do, enter with or without leading zero, enter number and press enter, enter and click Submit, in preview or in published form, it always accepts my answers. see attached video.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I opened your file with Storyline 3 and noticed the same issue where entering the correct answer still resulted in an incorrect response.

From here, I'm going to enlist our Support Engineers' help, so we can best troubleshoot what's happening behind the scenes here. You should receive an email from the team after they test your file, and I'll follow along to share any relevant insight here!

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