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Oct 28, 2019


I have an interactive Pie chart - when a user drags a color to a piece of it, it colors the piece in that color. That part was easy.

Now I need a counter, which I made, to count how many pieces are color pink and how many are color green.

than, the user needs to write how many pieces are green and how many are pink. 
After clicking a "Check" button, the user will get a V if he was right and a X if he was wrong.

My problem is I need the entry where the user writes his answer to be TEXT entry and not NUMERIC entry because I need it to be blank when the user clicks the "Reset" button, and not to be equal to 0.

It requires so many triggers to cover all options and it's not practical to do it this way.


Is there a way to make a TEXT entry check if the value inside it equals to my counter (numeric entry)?


I'm using Storyline 3. 
I can't believe that numeric entry can't interact with text entry. It's rediculous.


Thanks for your help in advance,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bar!

Sounds like an impressive build!

You can adjust a text entry variable by using a number entry, and vice versa. It is a detailed adjustment using the "when variable changes" part of a trigger. 

Do you mind if I take a look at your file? You can share it by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

bar gabbai

you can't make text veriable and numeric veriable interact. 

Also, you can't make any kind of math calculations with text entry.

Unfourtunately, I have to use a text entry because I need the text entry to be blank when pressing the "Reset" button, which is not possible with a numeric entry - you can only make it reset to 0, not to blank, which is too bad, it will solve ALL my problems and it makes me have to deal with too much triggers instead of just one.

As you can see, there is no way for my text entry to even show the numeric entries on the list. They can't interact. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Bar!

Thank you for sharing your file! I apologize if I misunderstood. You're correct when resetting the variables they wouldn't communicate. 

 You can enter both text and numbers in Text Entry fields, but mathematical calculations can’t be performed using text variables. Numeric fields are for numbers only, and won’t allow learners to type text into them. 

I can where using text entry fields is crucial for your course to get the outcome you need. I'm sorry this is not a feature we offer right now! I'd encourage you to share the need for this feature by using this link.

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