Numerically (px/%) configure corner radius on rounded corner shapes

Mar 06, 2023

Hello Storyline staff. Can you let me know if it is in the development pipeline to be able to configure the radius of corners on a rounded corner shape, so that we can set them more accurately, rather than having to use guides to do so.

It's a PIA to have to configure these using your eye and guides, especially when wanting to make UI elements consistent throughout a project.

If I receive a design, with a shape with a 20px radius corner on the shape, I have to drop that graphic into Storyline, place my shape over the top, so that I can line up the corner radius.

Imagine if I was able to look at the shapes properties and define the radius.

Also, while we're on it. If I've then defined my corner radius, once I start to resize that shape, the corner radius decides to change, so I have to configure again for each shape size. This is awful when trying to establish a project style, only for it to be easily broken once a shape is resized.

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John Morgan

Hi Sam and Maura,

I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with rounded rectangles! We currently have these logged as feature requests, but there currently hasn't been any movement on these as we prioritize other requests. I’ll go ahead and include both of your voices in those requests. We’ll update this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap.

Thanks for reaching out!

Peter Moore

This feature has been requested for years. Cannot the wise brains at Articulate see this as a very important enabler for producing a quality and consistent UI experience within the courses we all build. Nobody likes outputting work where there are small inconsistencies in rounded corner radius, it creates an unprofessional look. Personally, I never use more than one rounded corner shape and if I need many shapes like this at different sizes, I’m creating shapes outside of Storyline and importing these. A time consuming activity that wouldn’t be required if Storyline development bettered supported good design practice. Can I add that not having this feature on the roadmap yet is frankly, very disappointing. 

Sam Hill

Hi John, thanks for the response but I'm not sure why this is a feature "request" and not something that Articulate haven't implemented already. Working with the web and graphic design programs, you can configure the radius of corners on rectangles, so that you can have a nice consistent design. Scaling the rectangle will not mean you have to zoom in on your corners and try and get them pixel perfect again.

The lack of this configuration option just means you aren't supporting your developers as well as you could be. The consistency in design is something very difficult to maintain when we can't do these things numerically and have to do it by eye, or by using guides and zooming in.

I've had to teach developers techniques of using a square shape of 10PX or whatever I want the radius to be, to line up the point for the guide on the corner. This is a crazy thing to have to do.

I don't know how it has been decided that "background audio" is a more pressing requirement than this.

Also, I note the feature roadmap has three items, without any forecast dates. Surely the developer(s) have targets they are aiming to meet internally. Why don't Articulate make these public so we can communicate to our clients.

Reuben Harper

This corner radius issue occurs with the captions also (speech bubbles with the triangle you can adjust to point where you need it to). When you adjust the triangle pointer attached to the caption to the side vs up/down or even resize the box, it randomly changes the curves and margin for the text sitting inside the boxes. Which makes that very inconsistent and tricky to use. A fix to these issues would make the building of modules much smoother and avoid the need for workarounds (e.g. use of external graphics tools/overlaying text boxes where it is not wildly out in shape).

Eric Santos

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community, Marko! 🎉

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and I'm sorry for the trouble regarding the corner radius on speech bubbles. I've added your voice to the feature request, and you'll be among the first to know once this enhancement is added to Storyline!

Pierre Sosa
Sam Hill
  1. The consistency in design is something very difficult to maintain when we can't do these things numerically and have to do it by eye, or by using guides and zooming in.
  2. I don't know how it has been decided that "background audio" is a more pressing requirement than this.
  1. I cannot stress how accurate this critique is. Every time I really dive into a project I am proud of, I find myself comparing Articulate Storyline to After Effects. Give me a properties panel! Allow me to set motion path with beziers. Set states up to function like precompositions. Even applying styles underperforms the expectation. Word has that system down, and I expected that level of nuance when Articulate finally used styles; but the control necessary to get quality consistency isn't there. 
  2. 100%. Exactly. This. Make the prioritization of features make sense.