Object making multiple appearances?

Hi All,

I have an object that I want to appear automatically for a few seconds in the time line. Later down the time line I want to make it reappear automatically again.  Is there a way of making this happen other than copy and pasting the object on to the slide twice and setting two different times for each object?

Copy and Pasting works but clutters the desktop wioth multiple items.

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Jamie Morgan

You could use triggers to change the state of that object to hidden and then back to normal when you want it to appear again. Currently, Storyline doesn't support triggers based on timing but you could simply add a shape off the canvas and use it to fire the trigger. For instance, put a small square off the canvas and have it "appear" in your timeline where you want your other object to disappear. Then, put a trigger on the off-canvas shape that will change the state of your on-canvas object to hidden when the timeline starts for the off-canvas shape. Adjust the end time of the off-canvas shape to where you want your on-canvas object to reappear and program another trigger on your off-canvas shape that says change state of your on-canvas object to normal when the timeline ends for the off-canvas shape.

I'm sure others might have ideas too, but I use the off-canvas shapes to do a lot of my triggers that are based on timing and not necessarily something happening on the slide - if that makes sense.

Greg Younger

I just searched for this answer, and started following Jamie's directions, only to discover that sometime within the last four years, Articulate added "when timeline reaches..." option to the object triggers. So I can now hide an object (or cause it to reappear) when the timeline reaches either a time or a cue point. Handy!