object order on slide master issue

Aug 13, 2015

Hi guys, I have a blank slide master and a layout master. The layout master has 3 objects on it with the following sorting order on the timeline: 

  1. Placeholder for background image - at the back
  2. A simple shape - on top
  3. Placeholder for text ontop of the shape - first on the timeline

The issue is - when I create a slide derived from this layout and add the background image to it - it covers my simple shape! I don't understand why as it's set up to be right at the back of the simple shape, not in front, the stacking order does not seem to match the master. Please can anyone assist?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mazz, 

If you're placing images or backgrounds on a slide itself, that will sit above slide master elements and therefore cover other elements. If you are looking to include different backgrounds for different slides, what about making a number of master layouts using those images so that you could apply them slide by slide instead of trying to place that image in the placeholder? You can read more about slide masters here. 

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