layers in layout don't apply to slides

Jan 19, 2018

I have a master slide that has a header (course title). The layout slide shows that header, as it should. I have created one layout for this master, and have added a text placeholder, and one layer (for navigation). The "navigation" layer contains one arrow and no triggers. The base layer of the layout contains a trigger to show the "navigation" layer at the start of the timeline. Very simple.

When I apply this layout to a slide, the course title and the text placeholder both show up, but the "navigation" layer (the arrow) does not. When I preview the slide, the "navigation" layer displays, as it should. Back in slide view, though, the "navigation" layer is not visible on the slide, and the layer is not present in the Slide Layers sidebar.

This seems like odd behavior, since I expected that any layer on a layout slide would transfer to a slide, just like any other object. How can I get this to work as expected?

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Walt Hamilton

Because the layer on the master applies to all slides using that master, you do not have access to it in slide view, only in master view.  In short, it transfers (as you saw when you previewed), but you can't access it to change it unless you are committed to changing it on all slides (changing it in Master view.)

Rick Rawson

Thank you for your quick reply, Walt.

The only way I can reconcile your answer with my experience is to change my definition of "master". By my way of thinking, in Slide Master view, there is one Master slide accompanied by one or more layout slides. I understand from the documentation that layers in the Master slide won't transfer to slides. In my mind, though, layers on layout slides should not have the same limitation because they are not Master slides; they are layout slides. The layers that I'm having trouble with are on the layout slides, not the Master slide.

However, I think you are suggesting that my distinction between Master slide and layout slides is false and that both Master and layout slides, because they are all truly Master slides, have the same limitation with regard to layers. Am I on the right track here?

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