Object priority when aligning

Apr 26, 2022

Hi all.

Is there a way to set object priority when aligning? For example if I want to align text to an image the way they behave seems completely random - sometimes the text will be the one that moves, sometimes they'll both move, sometimes the image moves.

How has this been programmed to behave and is there a way to choose which object will be the one that moves?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Astutis.

Thank you for reaching out!

Here are my observations when aligning objects:

  • Aligning the top will prioritize the object that is at the top (higher on the slide):

Aligning the top example

  • Aligning the bottom will prioritize the one lower on the slide:

Aligning the bottom

  • Aligning the middle will adjust both objects, so they move to an average position:

Aligning the middle

The behavior will depend on the type of alignment you're looking to do. If this is not your scenario or experience, can you share a screen recording of what you're seeing?