Object states are not placed correctly on slide

Feb 15, 2023

Hi everybody! 

I have a problem with an object in storyline that has different states. Once the object has completed an animation I want it to change its state and appear very small on the side of the slide (where it should stay, like a name-tag). Should be easy, right?

But it seems impossible to place the object (in its new state) correctly. On my working-slide I place it where I want to have it, but in the preview it appears on the slide rather randomly. So, it either completely disappears from view or hangs somewhere in the middle of the slide.. Which is odd. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?


A big thanks in advance for your help!


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Walt Hamilton

No, it’s not as easy as it might seem. It sounds like when you create the new state you are placing a smaller version of the original. The problem is that you are also moving it to a specific spot on the slide. The important thing is that that is not an absolute position, it is relative to the original. So if the original moves, so will the new state. When you cannot see it, it probably has moved off the slide.

What I would do is create the new state exactly where the original is, then after the animation, move it to where you want it with a motion path. Use a line with a length of 0 and do not select Relative starting point. Set its coordinates to the spot you want it to be.

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Walt,

Thanks so much for your help and advice! This really explained the inner logic of states  and positions, which I (obviously) wasn't aware of. The workaround you suggested didn't really solve the problem though (maybe I did something wrong..). But I found another solution - by just making the original object disappear after its movement and then create a new object in the place i wanted it to be afterwards. Not the most elegant solution, but it did the trick.

Thanks again and all the best, Verena