Objects not changing states as expected

I've built a slide that has four buttons that learners can click on to learn about a specific aspect of something. For each button, I've created:

  • a hover state (an orange glow around the edge of the button)
  • a visited state (where the color of the button fades in the visited state)

This works fine on three of the buttons on the slide.

On the fourth button, however:

  • When I click on the button, view that button's content, and then return to the original interaction layer, the button doesn't change state to the visited state (the other three buttons on the page do behave properly). Now, here's where it gets really fun.
  • If, after clicking the fourth (this is the misbehaving) button, I roll back over the button, the button appears in its hover state (still showing its unvisited state colorings, though). When I roll off the button, it finally changes state to its visited state.

Any ideas of what's going on? What I'm doing wrong?


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Bruce Graham

Hi Chris.

Just attach the file to this thread (if you can...) using the "paperclip", OR submit a support call.

We have been trying to trap a version of this actually happening, so PLEASE save a version somewhere so that the Coding Bunnies can have a look - I believe there is a definite bug going on here.

Many thanks


Chris Wall

I've attached the story file to this post.

I only included two slides of the original story, but published them (not attached) to ensure that the page is behaving as I described above.

Coding bunnies???? I like that. Sounds like a hybrid of Beatrix Potter, J. K. Rowling, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

I hope this is a bona fide issue and not just me being a newbie.

Feel free to contact me at my email address.

Chris Wall

Simon Perkins

Is there any news on this?  I've experienced similar on one particular module:

- create slide with 2 buttons; one Normal and one Disabled

- learner clicks the Normal button > goes on a journey > reaches the end > X variable = True (because that path has been completed)

- learner returns to original slide

- states are instructed to change Normal to Visited and Disabled to Normal, but neither of them work

This was using v1_1.  Gave up in the end and had to use multiple slides for each instance.  Not happy because of the way it affected the side menu.

Just decided to have another go tonight and all is working perfectly.  I'll check out previous versions to see if it's still resident - and post a support call if so.

Phil Mayor

Only ever seen it in layers, where the states get locked somehow.

why would you use a trigger or variable for visited?   Visited is auautomatic.

have always used the variables on timeline start to show a custom completed state, if 

it never worked was always something I did wrong.

i am sureBruce will confirm, this has worked through 1, 1.1 and all versions we have used.