Objects on slide layer not working with "resume to saved state " in html5 version

Jan 07, 2016


I need some updates on "resume saved state" feature, a issue facing is as:

I am not able to see saved state objects in some slide layers. When i revisit the page, some slide layers works perfectly with "resume saved state" (ex. "correct" layer) and some slide layers didn't work with "resume saved state" (ex. "incorrect" layer) so animation and sound plays on that ("incorrect") layer. This is working fine on desktop but not in mobile safari.

all the setting on both slide layers ("correct" and "incorrect" layer) is same.

I would like to know few things as below:

1. is there any limitation on number of layers(i have used 5 + base layer)

2.are some animation effects not working properly on html5 version. (i have not used any heavy animation. just fade, fly, wipe effects)

3. is there any limitation for number of objects in each slide.(i have used 25-30 objects in each slide)

4. is there any limitation on number of triggers used. i am developing a game like template so total number of triggers (on all layers) may cross 50.

I looked around on forum for solution but didn't got any confirmation.

thank you in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sachin,

There isn't a limit on any of those items - but it does seem unusual that your correct layers are working fine and it's only the incorrect that aren't working as expected. You mentioned checking and comparing them all - but with that many objects/triggers/effects it only takes one element to be off to cause an issue. 

Could you share a bit more information about what iOS you're using, where you're hosting the content, and the version of Storyline you're using? Also a sample .story file for us to take a look at? If you're seeing this consistently on slides, narrowing it down to one or two representative slides would be better than the whole file. 

sachin patil

Hi Ashley,

thanks for quick reply.

the issue arises on ios 8. even it comes on desktop chrome version 47.

I am using storyline 2 update 7.

Also regarding sharing the storyline file with the technical team we have few concerns regarding protection of private data. The file contains customer data and branding details so is there any policy where we can be assured of protection of the customer data.

Kindly let us know on this so that we can send you the storyline file we are facing issues with.

Looking forward to hear from your side.

Warm Regards

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sachin,

If you would like to share an NDA with our Support team they'll be able to sign that. Files are kept internally and confidential always, but the NDA is a good additional step if there is an extra concern. You can connect with them here first and share an NDA, and once they've signed and returned to you they'll also include a link to upload the course files. 

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