Odd text box wipe

Mar 03, 2021

When animating several bullet points within a text box by wiping down by paragraph, the bulk of the text does exactly what you would expect but at the very end of each paragraph the final pieces of text on the far right side appears separately.

It's almost like it is trying to wipe vertically down and diagonally up in succession. 

I have tried using a new text box and text but it appears to have no impact on the animation.

Hope you can offer some solution as this looks very odd to say the least.


Many thanks in anticipation David

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Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

Thank you for sharing your project! I'm noticing the same with the text boxes that have animations in your course. I found that using a different animation fixed this issue. Another fix was changing the animation from wipe to something else and then changing it back to wipe.

It looks like there might be some type of corruption affecting the animations. Make sure that you're working on your project when it is saved to your local C:/ Drive.

David Bullock

Hello Lauren,  Thank you for getting back to me with some advice. I have just tried using fade from top which is really weird as the whole text box flies in from beyond the top of the page, is that correct?  Anyway, Changing back to wipe from top in paragraphs still leaves me with the same old problem.  I don't feel this makes for a particularly professional package so I need to find a satisfactory solution pretty soon.

I am the only person working on theses files and they are being saved locally on my PC to avoid issues.

If you have any further suggestions I am will to try most things, at least once.

Best Regards


Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

Thank you for sharing your findings! I went through your project again and added the Wipe animation again. I'm seeing the paragraphs are animated correctly without breaking in the middle of the sentences. I'll attach the project to this reply. Please let me know if it works on your end!

Jeniffer Brubaker

I am having a similar issue although it is intermittent.  In some cases using the wipe down by paragraph option makes the text appear like there are two text boxes slightly off from each other so some of the lines are a blurry bold.  There is no way I can run storyline projects on my C:/ drive because most of my projects are over 1 GB in size and I only have about 2.5 GB left on my C:/ drive (I have at 2 TB d:/ drive).  I found by cutting the text and repasting it on the screen, and then sizing the new text box to match the old text box, and reapplying the animation the issue was resolved.