Offline tracking of use

Aug 16, 2017

I'm creating a "kiosk" using iPads and the storyline player. It will be used at grocery and corner stores to tell people about food assistance benefits, smart shopping tips, and general nutrition information. The stores do not have wifi, so we cannot do any online tracking. There are no quizzes or anything anyway that would be useful even if we had internet. I'm wondering if there is any way to track how many times each button is clicked? This would help us get a general idea of use and which topics are most viewed. 


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Brian Dennis

Solutions exist, if a bit pricey. I've helped clients set up mini web servers that run on their ipads to which Storyline posts data. A bit complex, but the data collection has proven invaluable for many organizations.

I personally recommend prepaid SIM cards if your devices can connect... cleaner and less expensive. You are welcome to reach out to me via Contact Me

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