Translating a course to Japanese


Our firm has created a Storyline course and would like to have it translated into two languages: Spanish and Japanese. I read up on the translation steps that are posted on the Articulate site and would like to know if there are any hints or tricks that will make this translation process less painful. In general, is it a relatively easy process? Is Japanese easily translated? Are there any best practices I should be aware of before starting the process? We will be using a translation service when the text has been exported, so is there anything we should alert the service to?

Additionally, the course is built using the Maison Neue font family. I read that Arial Unicode is the best font to use for translation purposes, but is there a way to test if Maison Neue would work?

Thank you for your help,

Carol Mealy

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Carol -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! You may want to review the following resources if you haven't had a chance already:

Hope that helps, and perhaps others in the community will have some additional ideas to share, as well.