On quiz slide, next button shows after timeline completes

Mar 25, 2022

I am using a template our team designed. On all the quiz slides, the Next button popups up after timeline completes. This also happens after clicking Try Again and returning to the question. I have no idea how you could even setup the next button to show up, if you do not enable it on the properties.  The next button does not show on the timeline even if enabled.  (If I create a course from New, non-template, the next button does not show). The creator of the template is no longer around

I have tried:

Enable Next button and trigger it to go to hidden state
Search through Master Slide to see if enabled there
Create a trigger that keeps Next from appearing any time

Does anyone know how the Next button could be able to show up after the timeline completes on a quiz slide?

Quiz slide with properties and timelinequiz slide with properties

Preview with timeline running and no Next button

preview timeline with no next button

Preview after timeline completes and Next button shows

preview timeline with next button

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Allen.

I'm happy to help!

What is your current setup? Are you keeping the Next button hidden from the Master slide the way you had it before? 

If you're creating custom navigation buttons, you can also add them to a Review layer (create a new layer on your question slides, and name it Review).

If this is not your scenario, can you share the edited .story file so I can offer specific suggestions?