One menu with separate published files?

Sep 02, 2021

Hello Dave - I just finished the Advanced Elearning course in LinkedIn Learning.  Great course!

My question: I am creating an online orientation that has a main menu which branches out to seven sections.  Each section is created in a separate storyline file due to size.  When I publish the orientation, I will combine all of the published files into one folder to keep the orientation contained. 

What I would like for the menu tabs to each section reflect: when the user clicks the tab, show the user has activated that section and at the end of the section show the tab section complete (which I have accomplished that with a trigger).  I would like the tab show, if a user has to leave the orientation and return later, that the user is in process reviewing that section and not show complete until all of that section's content has been reviewed.  With each section being a separate Storyline file, is there a way to accomplish an "In Progress" state action on the button tab?

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