Online courses created in Articulate: what are LMS options?

Apr 30, 2018

Hi there,

We are creating an online course that we would like to make available to some for free, and others at a cost.

I looked into Udemy, which offers the ability to give a 'coupon' to allow free access for those who have it. But, Udemy doesn't support Articulate files.

We don't need to track progress or grade students, we were thinking of making it self-serve, much like a course. This is because we do not have an instructor who can be available for students. We'd also like the course to be available to anyone, at any time it is convenient for them to take it (e.g. no strict start or end date for the course).

We'd like to use videos, powerpoint slides (possibly with voiceover), and additional resources such as worksheets, suggested readings etc.

This is my first time creating an online course. I would ideally like to use Articulate, and would be grateful for any and all insights about what would be some options for an LMS we can upload it to once the content is ready.

Thank you in advance!

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Anna Liu

Hi Anneliese,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I know you've done your initial research and have seen TONS of options with regards to LMS that works well with Articulate. I'd like to help to further by providing you with more information to guide you on your decision:

I also trust that the rest of the community will share their experience/s with the LMS that best suits your requirement. 

Happy exploring! :)

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