Online Sizing Issues with AS360 Players

Jul 18, 2018

My company and I recently posted a AS360 Storyline course to our website that essentially acts as an interactive research report giving users the chance to explore different topics and segments of data. I have had some users reach out to me and let me know that when they view the report, there are some sizing issues with the player. Specifically, it'll start correctly by filling their screens (the settings are set to display at user's current browser size and to scale the player to fill the browser window), but there have been two issues reported by users as they access the report:

1) Users will open a lightbox and the content will fill beyond the limits of the player so that they cannot read it all and cannot advance or return to previous slides (see attachment);

2) Users will open a lightbox and the content will display correctly, but when they exit the lightbox, the content from the main slides resizes or disappears.

I will say that I have never experienced these issues while viewing the report; I typically view it in Google Chrome which (I believe) is what the users have used to view it as well. When users run into this issue, I've been recommending that they clear the cache on their device's history, but I'm wondering if there may be something else causing the issue? From my end though, I'm not sure what that could be given that I can get the report to view correctly on the devices I use.

Some of the people viewing the content are international; could it be that they are working with a less-up-to-date version of Chrome that might not be compatible with the latest AS360 Storyline software? If that's the case, what version should I recommend people use to have the course work smoothly like it does for me?

I'd appreciate any technical advice anyone could provide me to help my users troubleshoot these problems.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Conor, happy to help!

You mentioned you're using Storyline 360 -- do you know if you're on the latest update? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.17.16188.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

Also, are you using the Classic Player or the Modern Player in this project?

If you don't mind sharing the project with our team for further testing, that would be even better!

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