only one attempts with fixed time

Mar 19, 2020

Hi to all

I am working on the quiz and I need the learner to take one attempt for the quiz, then when he opens the quiz second time, he will see the Result slide even he finish the quiz or not.

but I faced challenge there, I'll mention it below with the settings that have been made.

1- Design window > attempt >1: No challenges .

2- Player > other:

A.  Never resume: the learner can open the module on the platform and takes the quiz many times.

B. Always resume: the learner can close the quiz and pause the time and back to the same time many times.

3 The setting of the slide > when he revisiting > resume saved state.


I need a solution to let the learner take one attempt only and when he closes the quiz module the timer continues.
when he back again he will find the rest of the time not the same time as when he closes the quiz.


Thanks in advance

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