Only one scene will preview

Apr 14, 2022

Hi there,

This is my first time using storyline and I can't figure out why I can only preview one scene at time. On slide 3.1, answer "A" should jump to scene 1 and answer "B" should jump to scene 2, but it doesn't appear to be working properly. Please note this file is in progress, so other functionalities are not finished. Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

I don't see a problem. I click on Preview, and see the Ready to Make a difference slide. Then I click on Take the Quiz, and I see the Special Skills slide. From there, If I click on A, I go to the Mentor slide. If I click on B, I go to the plan/organize slide. I didn't follow any other links, but it seems to me to be working properly.

It looks good for a first project.