Only Play Audio Once

May 31, 2018

I tried following steps given in a previous discussion post to only play the audio on the initial visit to a slide. I am still having trouble. When participants visit slide 1.2 the audio should play. When they revisit after slide 1.4 I don't want the audio to play anymore. What am I doing wrong?


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Walt Hamilton

You are (like most of your learners probably will) clicking the Question1 box before the audio ends, so when you return, the stopclickaudio variable is not yet set to True. When I wait for the audio to end before I click Question1, the audio doesn't play when I return.

If you put this trigger:


on the 1.4 slide, you can click Question1 whenever you want, and the audio won't play when you return to 1.2

This won't work if you don't move it above the jump trigger, and you will need one on each of the answer slides.

For what it's worth, this icon:


has no fill, so it can only be clicked if the mouse is exactly above the black part of it. It's so frustrating, that I almost didn't finish viewing the project. Cover it with a hotspot, and attach the trigger to it, please.

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