Open a new window in an LMS?

Nov 18, 2015

Hi all,

Theme design in a Moodle LMS, over which I have no control, means that if I use the LMS to open the content in a new window, it has CSS header and footer elements from the Moodle theme included.

I have published a module to open in a new window, and linking to Launch.html certainly achieves this, but the LMS connection is lost.

Has anyone else managed to combine the Launch and Story .html files so that the tracking is not lost?

Thanks in advance


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Dan Marsden

Hi Tony, what version of Moodle and what theme are you using? - The pop-up window in Moodle is "supposed" to launch in a way that has no headers/footers.

There are a range of page layout types in Moodle. In earlier versions of Moodle the layout used for SCORM was "popup" and at some point some theme designers decided that all pages using the "popup" layout should use the theme header/footer which was different from previous versions - so we then switched SCORM to using the layout called "embeddded" - this page layout is supposed to have no header/footer but custom theme designers don't always follow this. :-(



Tony Chilvers

Thanks all for the suggestions.
The site is running Moodle 2.6.
Linking to index_lms.html is as you say the correct file to link to for using content in an LMS, but it doesn't enable me to open the content in a new window without the Theme template being applied.
Moodle doesn't have the facility to set the Player Launch type as with SC.

What I am trying to achieve is to set Moodle to initially open the content in the same window. Then to have a launch button that displays the content in a chromeless window.

So I will need to create my own version of launch.html that sets up the API and then make sure that the SCO functions in the index_lms.html include calls for window.opener.


Dan Marsden

before you do that..... you should really focus some time on upgrading your Moodle site.

Moodle 2.6 has been out of support for a while now (bug fixing support ended for the 2.6 branch in 2014) and it contains a number of known security issues that could allow a malicious user to compromise your site. You should upgrade to a more recent supported stable release.

Also - the issue with the header/footer showing in the Moodle "new window" option was fixed in 2.7 and higher - more info on this tracker issue:

Tony Chilvers

Ahh if only I was in the position to influence the upgrade of the site. Unfortunately, I only have slightly more than course creator role and my client is piggy backing off a much larger organisation's Moodle.

I have suggested a couple of fixes to the Moodle admin including a change to the Theme and the importance of staying in-line with the Moodle releases, but my requests have been turned down.

So into the JS I go...


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