Opening a layer when clicking on a player Tab

May 16, 2013

Hi !

I created a Tab “Spoken Text” above in the player; to avoid having a “button” on the slide.

I want that, when the user click on it, a layer appears on the slide with the “spoken text” written.

The trigger on my player is so :

Name : Spoken Text

Align : Topbar Right

Action : Change state of

On object : “Text In – Marker”

To state : Selected

When : User clicks

Then on each slide with spoken text, I add a maker (out of the slide) called “Text In”.

I create 2 states for it : Normal & Selected

Then I put a trigger in the slide :

Action : Show layer

Layer : “text of voice”

When : State

On: All of   Text In Marker

Is : selected

When I set this on a slide and play the slide directly, it works correctly.

When I go to the next slide, set it correctly, and come back to the previous one, it doesn’t work anymore… The trigger of the player has then empty fields : “on object” and “To state”…

Does anyone have a solution ?

I get creasy…

Thanks !


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