Opening courses in AMP

Jul 26, 2020

I know AMP is being phased out but I really need to deliver content offline so I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm using Storyline 360 and I am publishing to HTML5 with Flash fallback and AMP and I've clicked the boxes for AMP and downloading. My course is on AWS and I'm emailing myself the story.html link. When I open it from my email, I only see it in Safari and I can't get it to open in AMP.

What am I doing wrong?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Phoenix,

It sounds like you're following all the right steps according to the user guide:

Does the course run successfully on a computer? If so, it sounds like it may be an issue with the Articulate Mobile Player app. Try re-installing the application to see if it runs correctly, and if you're still running into problems, connect with a support engineer to take a closer look!

Gary Overgaard

Hi Phoenix,

You are not doing anything wrong. Clicking a link pointing to story.html while on an iPad used to open the presentation in AMP if it was installed. However many months ago, an IOS update has broken that functionality. This is a known bug  but I think you should assume it will not be fixed.

The workaround for iPad delivery, is to instead point your links to the amplaunch.html  file instead. Hope this helps.