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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kristine!

This discussion is a bit older, so let's make sure you get the most up-to-date guidance. A quick clarifying question:

  • Do you see an error that reads, "This project is invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened. It may have been created in an earlier version of Storyline."
  • Or, are you hitting a snag when trying to upgrade a course?

If the former, here are a few tactics for us to try: 

  1. Close, Copy, Rename, and Import: Close Storyline and create a copy of the file. Rename the copy and save it to your desktop. Then, follow these steps to import the slides into a new Storyline file.
  2. Temp FolderTry these steps to check your temp folder to see if there's an earlier version of the file.

If the latter, here are the steps to upgrade a course to Storyline 360. Let me know what happens during the process!