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Mohammad Guniemat

Hi Leslie

it is amazing, I've just finished browsing the link you sent to me without any difficulties, it is seems like magic!

so, please tell me if i have to change something.

I put here my course (published) that i have difficulties in negativing (till now).


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mohammad -

Team thinks it's unlikely.

Here's what I'd recommend:

1. Republish the content

2. Zip the content from the Publish Successful dialog box

3. Upload to Tempshare

4. If it works - GREAT - maybe it was a hiccup in your first publish, but if not, please share the same zipped output file with me here.

Leslie McKerchie

Well, since we are experiencing different behavior, a repair is typically in order. We do recommend that users utilize the latest update, which will also repair your software - so it certainly couldn't hurt. I've not seen files disappear like that when published though, so not sure what the cause would be. I'd recommend the update and if you're still having difficulty, you may want to reach out to our support engineers here to see if they can see something happening in logs perhaps.