Option to create new variables when using Team Slides or importing slides

I am creating a series of template slides which include complex variable interactions. Using team slides or regular slide imports - when I add a template slide into a project the first time, all the variables import fine. When I add the same template slide again (i.e. use the same template slide twice) there is no option to create a new set of variables. Instead, the program uses the variables from the first slide import. If I try renaming the first set of variables before importing the template again, the behavior is even more wonky. Half the variable references refer to the first import's variables and half refer to a new variable. See attached pdf for example. Some of my slides have 8+ variables, all being referenced in both trigger actions and trigger conditions. Its making a mess!

Could this be a bug?

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Colleen Liley

I am on the most current version, v3.23.17522.0

I ended up submitting a tick on this behavior, Case #01656519. The Customer Support Engineer replied that he too was able to reproduce the same behavior and would bring it up to a bigger team.

Will I be notified if they decide it qualifies as a bug they will fix?

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks so much for the additional information and for letting me know that you reached out to the support team as well.

I see that you're working with Michael and I just confirmed that he is still doing some testing so that this can be reported appropriately.

Yes, you will be notified of any updates we have to share regarding your issue. Your case and this forum thread will be attached as well.