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Nov 07, 2014


I created an exercise on a template under *.story, where we use some sliders and triggers for a text entry

(with trigger: set texttext equal to the typed value when the control loses focus"), texttext is the variable I use

In my template, it works perfectly.

Then, I saved my template on *.storytemplate, so this exercise is available when I ask for a new slide.

I made the test and import this same exercise. After importing, it does not work anymore, as my trigger changed, the variable is not the same anymore and so, my slider exercise does not work correctly...

I have to fix it manually, by modifying the expected trigger...


If now, I want to import that exercise into a question bank, the variables changes again!!!

So, it means I have to modify twice the variable...

Is there any way to fix it?







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Emily Ruby

Hello Jacob!

This is how a template file is supposed to work. If you pull the template into a new file, the triggers for slides need to be reassigned, as well as variables, to accommodate the current course you will be creating.

There have been some other discussions regarding this as well. 

If you need to have a file to re use that already has variables and triggers set up, it may be easier to save this as a .story file, and import it into a new file when you need this.

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