Oracle iLearning (5.2b), SCORM 1.2 and Storyline

Jul 16, 2013

Hi Group

I'm answering a technical spec in a tender document for some prospective e-learning development work.

The tender specifically lists Oracle iLearning 5.2b as a target LMS, along with a SCORM 1.2 requirement.

Storyline would be my first choice as a development tool for this work, but wondered if anyone had any first-hand experience with Storyline content (especially output as SCORM 1.2) being served up on an iLeaning LMS (especially v 5.2b)?

I see from older posts that people were using Quizmaker outputs on iLeaning LMS with some success, so am hopeful that Storyline will play nicely with it also - but some confirmation would be nice too.

Thanks for any input on this question.


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Peter Brown

Fabulous! Thanks, Jon.

I think, too, that iLearning LMS has some requirement to incorporate proprietary XSD files in the SCORM package which will be a manual tweek to the package after export, but that shouldn't cause any problems if everything works OK.

It's very encouraging that you've had success.

Thanks for your input.


Robyn Millard

Is anyone currently using Oracle ILearning?  I am publishing SL360 modules and finding that the tracking is not working.  I've tried:

Complete/Incomplete via pages completed

Passed/Incomplete by turning an interaction into a freeform quiz, with a results slide set to 0% pass rate, and results submitted on final page.

Complete/Incomplete via using the Complete Course trigger on the final page (timeline start)

Raw attempts changes.  Nothing is changing regarding status.  It remains 'Not attempted'.

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