Does Storyline work with iLearning?

Our current LMS is iLearning by Seertech.  I cannot get a Storyline course to work with iLearning and it's very frustrating.  Do any of you use iLearning and is there a way to get it to play a Storyline course?  (I'm not upgraded to Storyline 2 yet, and won't be able to until we can get it to work in our LMS.)

I should add that 99% of our content is accessed on iPads.

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Teresa,

It definitely works, I've used that LMS recently.

As it can be set up in various ways, it might be worth reaching out to your technical contact at Seertech for details on the best way to approach it. 

Alternatively, if you can let me know where you are getting stuck, I may be able to help.