Oracle LMS doesn't accept upgraded scorm 2004 package

Sep 15, 2020


I have made a course with Storyline 3.35.21017.0. and exported in SCORM 2004  and published on Oracle LMS

Today i have re-published the course with  Storyline 3.41.22509.0 but Oracle LMS give me an error Displaying "The content cannot be replaced because the uploaded replacement content does not match the structure of the existing content".

There is a way to fix it?

Thank you


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Brian Allen

SumTotal LMS did this as well. It's because the imsmanifest.xml file for your updated course doesn't match the original you uploaded to the LMS.

If we had made major changes to a course, we would just create a new course in the LMS and give everyone credit for the new updated course that had completed the previous.

If they were minor changes, this was our workaround: 

  1. Everytime you upload/create a new SCORM course in the LMS, save the original imsmanifest.xml file.
  2. Each time you need to update the course, replace the imsmanifest in your updated SCORM package with the original from your first upload.

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