LMS is not capturing the Actual Score

Sep 29, 2023

I have a course with a quiz attached.. the results of this quiz are shown at the end of the course. The problem is that the LMS (Oracle) is not recording the "Actual Score" from the quiz results. It only shows whether they passed or failed, but no score. It was published using Scorm 2004 4th Edition with a Reporting status of "Passed/Incomplete."... I'm wondering if this is a mistake from my side or from the LMS side.

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Nedim Ramic

You can't do that on the result slide. While a score may be visible on the result slide it will not be reported just because the tracking option "When the learner completes a quiz" will be automatically unchecked as soon as you disable "Submit result X When the timeline starts on this slide" trigger or change it to something else. If you select it again in the Tracking Options, this same trigger will be automatically enabled. If it's enabled then submitting result when the exit button is clicked would not make any difference. The ScormCloud or any other LMS will not record any score based on your triggers. Just out of curiosity, what exactly you are trying to achieve? Maybe we can find some other solution to your problem.