LMS Score Override

Oct 05, 2023

Hi all! 

My client uses Absorb - we are trying to set the learner's score to show as 100% on their course page instead of their actual score so there is no confusion on whether they passed or not. I've tried setting the results slide variable to be 100 before the results are submitted, but the LMS is still showing their actual score. Does anyone have any suggestions for overriding this?

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Add a T/F question to your project in a new scene. Use the learner's score to select True (if their score is passing) or False (if they failed). Add a results slide for this question and ONLY this question.  You can set these to "jump to next slide when timeline starts" and put a masking block over the top of them so the learner never really sees or interacts with them. Now your LMS will only see a score of 0 (failed) or 100 (passed).