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Jun 15, 2016

Hello everyone, 

I am wondering if there is a way to make the published Word document match the actual order of the slides (as reflected by navigation and story view) instead of the numbering of the slides? Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

Warning: navigation and story view are not always necessarily the same, but it is easy to renumber your slides so the numbers match the linear progression. Or you can set them to any numeric progression you want.

Set your triggers to jump to specific slides, rather than next slide. Then in story line, drag one slide under another so the little blue arrow shows. When you release it, the triggers will cause it to go back to its place, but its number will change to the next number after the previous slide.

Notice in the attached video that the slides never change their navigation order, but their numbers change.

WARNING: If you drag slides around like this that have triggers that jump to the next slide, you will change the navigation order! This includes the built-in PREV and NEXT buttons.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Anne -- Thanks for your reply, and may I ask if you intended to share an image here? If so, I wanted to note that when you reply via email, any attachment you intended to send are not visible here in the post. Please click here to be taken to the post itself, and then use the grey "ADD ATTACHMENT" button in the bottom left of the reply box.

Walt Hamilton

Drag the slide you want to be number 6 to under the slide that is currently number 5, even if it is there already. It won't change their locations, but will change their numbers.

The attached video illustrates how I changed slide #10 to slide #2 without moving it, even though it was already in the correct order and the right place.

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