Paragraph with drop down menu for fill in blanks throughout the paragraph

Mar 09, 2024

Am I crazy? I thought that the above used to be possible but now that I have a use for it, I cannot find how to do it.

i.e. I want to have three fill-in the blanks in a paragraph, each of which would have a drop down choice menu to fill in that blank.

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Nedim Ramic

Check the "Matching Drop-down" or "Sequence Drop-down" templates under "Built in Graded Questions" tab. Fill in blanks in these templates are more like placeholders that you manually enter as a part of the question, they are not text entry fields you may find in the "Fill in the Blank" template that comes in without Drop-down option. Attached is a video presentation of both customized templates. With a little of extra work and effort you can even show correct answers  in place of fill-in blanks right after the interaction is submitted. Keep in mind that these templates can't be customized like other SL templates. 

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Nedim! That wasn't the look I was going for in this case - I wanted the text drop downs right in line with the fill-ins in the paragraph.

I did find a solution Mike Ender posted on youtube about 10 years ago which still works - You have to build the interaction yourself which takes some time, but it works!

However, I know I will be using your solution at sometime in the future - I have a project in mind - so thanks again!



Nedim Ramic

Thank you for sharing, Robin. I like your slide. I also took a time to generate a similar customized interaction based on your suggestion.  I am sharing my story file. Just to add that this type of interaction would be much easier to customize if Articulate allowed the dropdown boxes in Matching or Sequence Drop-down templates to be resized and colored.